What do you do when Peaches are not in season?

We are a full-service, farm-to-street fruit truck operating year-round.  When peaches are not in season, we offer delicious seasonal fruits from Georgia farms, including apples from Beech Creek Orchards and Reece Orchards (hometown markets only) and Satsuma and Kishu mandarin oranges from Franklin Citrus Farms, pecans from Front Porch Pecans and organic strawberries from Watsonia Farms (hometown markets only).

Do I have to pre-order?

Pre-orders are not required, but they are strongly recommended.  While we always try to bring ample supply to address the needs of walk-up customers, supplies are sometimes limited.  We don’t want you to be disappointed if we run out.

How do I pick up my pre-order?

We will have a special line designated for pre-order customers.  When you arrive, please use the pre-order line and show our team the order-confirmation email you received, either on your phone or printed.  For larger orders, our staff is happy to assist you in handling and loading your peaches.

Do you ship?

We ship peaches, citrus, and pecans to most of the United States except AK, AZ, CA, and HI!  Click here for link to the mail order page.

Where can I get more information?
When will you be in my area?


Can I order or purchase peaches in advance?

Yes, pre-order on our website for easy pickup!  Pre-ordering is the preferred way to purchase from Georgia Peach Truck.  It’s easy, and it guarantees your purchase!

When is peach season?

In Georgia, the first peaches can come in as early as mid-May and last until as late as early August.  Our signature fruit, Rolling Freestones®, are typically available mid-June to early August.  As soon as we have a good indication that peaches are in ample supply, we will finalize the schedule and hit the road.  Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive information about upcoming road trips. 

Do I have to buy a whole box of peaches?

On the East Coast Road Trip, Georgia Peach Truck offers whole boxes of peaches.  Customers are welcome to divide boxes among themselves.

The simplest way to enjoy a whole box of peaches is to eat the peaches fresh out of hand, and share this unique summer experience with friends, family, and neighbors.

Freestone peaches in particular also slice neatly into wedges for canning, freezing, and cooking in cobblers and pies!

How big is a whole box of peaches?

Each box of Rolling Freestones® contains one half-bushel of peaches by volume.  One half-bushel of peaches weighs approximately 25 pounds.

Larger peaches do not pack as densely as smaller peaches, so a box of larger peaches can weigh slightly less than a box of smaller peaches.

The box itself is slightly larger than one half-bushel with a fill gap that facilitates stacking several boxes without crushing the peaches.

How many peaches are in a whole box of peaches?

Each box of Rolling Freestones® contains one half-bushel of peaches by volume, so the quantity inside will vary based on the size of the peaches.  You’ll find about 50 to 70 peaches in most boxes.

Are the peaches organic?

Rolling Freestones® are picked and packed in Musella, Georgia at historic Dickey Farms, which produces conventional peaches that are non-GMO and globally certified for Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).


GAP standards require demonstration of an integrated pest management (IPM) program to minimize any application of pesticide.


Certified USDA Organic peaches from Watsonia Farms in Monetta, South Carolina are also available for pre-order and will be on the truck for walk-up purchase at most locations, subject to availability.

What are Rolling Freestones®?

Rolling Freestones® are our trademarked name for the freestone peaches on our summer road trip.  The name doesn’t refer to a specific variety or even a specific farm.  We’re a bunch of musicians taking peaches on the road, so we call them Rolling Freestones®.  Dig?


Does citrus grow in Georgia?

Citrus farming is a booming industry in Georgia, where cold-hardy varieties of mandarin oranges thrive along our southern border with Florida and the Atlantic Coast.


Cold-hardy mandarins include satsuma mandarins and kishu mandarins, which are both seedless and easier to peel than the common clementine mandarins like Halos and Cuties.


We source mandarin oranges from the oldest citrus grove in coastal Georgia, where exceptionally mature trees produce the most colorful and flavorful citrus fruit in our so-called Peach State!

When is citrus season in Georgia?

The peak of our citrus season in coastal Georgia is November through January.


We send the truck on a Holiday Road Trip that features citrus and pecans during December, and we ship mail-order boxes of citrus and pecans during December and January.


We have canceled the Holiday Road Trip for 2021 due to a trucking shortage, but mail order is still available with free shipping to most of the United States!

What are satsuma mandarins?

Satsuma mandarins are snack-sized oranges that are seedless, juicier, and easier to peel than the common clementine mandarins like Halos and Cuties.


The peak of our satsuma season in coastal Georgia is November and December.

What are kishu mandarins?

Kishu mandarins are bite-sized oranges that are seedless, sweeter, and easier to peel than the common clementine mandarins like Halos and Cuties.


The peak of our kishu season in coastal Georgia is December.


When is pecan season?

Georgia pecans are harvested in October and November and are available year-round.

What is the best way to store a pecan?

In plastic in the freezer is the best way to store pecans and can give them a shelf life of two or more years, according to the U.S. Pecan Grower’s Council.


When is apple season?

Apples are harvested from August through November in Georgia.

What varieties of apples do you offer?

We bring a wide variety of apples to our hometown markets, including: Arkansas Black, Crimson Crisp, Gold Rush, Mutzu, Rome, September Wonder, Suncrisp.

Where can I get Georgia apples?

Currently, Georgia apples are only available to our hometown markets.